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7.30PM DOUBLE DATE (15) + Special Guests
Dir. Benjamin Barfoot, 2017 (UK) with Danny Morgan & Michael Socha

Looking to lose his virginity Jim meets Kitty and Lulu and heads out into the night with his overbearing friend Alex not knowing what sacrifices will be made before dawn in this hilariously offbeat horror film with its tongue firmly in its bloody cheek.

Screening ahead of its UK release this remarkable debut has a cast of favourites and we're delighted to welcome filmmakers and stars of the film to this special screening.

10PM M.F.A.
Dir. Natalia Leite, 2017 (US) with Francesca Eastwood & Clifton Collins Jr.

Following the accidental slaughter of her assailant, an arts student finds creative inspiration in avenging wronged college girls whose attackers have walked free. An Eastwood-starring vigilante thriller with a difference.

"Richly rewarding… hard-hitting." Culture Crypt

Dir. Marianna Palka, 2017 (US) with Marianna Palka & Jason Ritter

Mayhem continues to explore the fringes of genre with this original comic look at gender from Palka (Good Dick). A surreal tale of a woman so crushed by her suburban life that she takes on the personality of a vicious dog.

"Hilarious and vicious bite at the patriarchy." Screen Anarchy

5.30PM 68 KILL
Dir. Trent Haaga, 2017 (US) with Matthew Gray Gubler & AnnaLynne McCord

A riotous comedy-thriller which plays like a gender reversed version of Tarantino's True Romance. The casualties mount at alarming speed in pursuit of Gubler (Suburban Gothic), a remarkable McCord (90210, Excision), and a stolen $68,000.

"Blatantly bonkers." Scream

7.30PM HABIT + Special Guests Simeon Halligan, Rachel Richardson-Jones & Elliot Langridge
Dir. Simeon Halligan, 2017 (UK) with Elliot Langridge & Jessica Barden

Finding work in a massage parlour, young Michael also discovers something much more dangerous and even more sinister lurking beneath Cloud 9 in this subversive horror film from the director of White Settlers, who joins us after the screening for a Q&A alongside producer Rachel Richardson-Jones and lead actor Elliot Langridge.

Dir. Steve Miner, 1982 (US) with Dana Kimmell & Tracie Savage

Grab your masks and join us as we celebrate the 13th edition of Mayhem on Friday The 13th, with the film Friday The 13th Part 3 - in 3D (in its 35th anniversary year!). We'll be comin' at ya with this late night screening of the classic film that firmly established Jason as the number one icon of slasher movie cinema. Paddle in the blood red waters of Crystal Lake once more for some eye-popping entertainment!

"A lot of fun." Hysteria Lives

Dir. Sion Sono, 2015 (JAP) with Reina Triendl & Mariko Shinoda

From the cult director of Suicide Club comes this hysterical tale of a murderous wind and the sole survivor of a fatal coach accident. Mitsuko begins to doubt her identity and reality as she is pursued across multiple narratives, and all around her suffer gruesome fates.

"Absurd and affecting, bloody and beautiful, carnal and cerebral." The Hollywood Reporter

Dir. Sun-ho Cho, 2017 (ROK) with Myung-min Kim & Eun-hyung Jo

Returning from a conference, a surgeon finds everything repeating like a tragic Groundhog Day and battles to change events and reality one day at a time in a desperate bid to save his daughter in this sci-fi thriller where every second counts.

"Goes for the heart and the throat… it works extremely well." Nerdist

Dir. Ana Asensio, 2017 (US) with Ana Asensio & Natasha Romanova

Struggling to find work without a visa, Luciana gets offered a mysterious job and enters a sinister world of sustained and ever building dread in this truly remarkable, award-winning tale of everyday horror and exploitation from newcomer Asensio.

"Spellbinding." IndieWire

Dir. Various, 2017 (International)

Haunting horror, grisly, gory good fun, twisted science fiction and more in this selection of the best new talent from around the world and closer to home. Not to be missed!

Here's our line-up in alphabetical order:

AFTER PARTY (WORLD PREMIERE) // Dir. Liam Banks, UK, 8m27

AMY // Dir. L. Gustavo Cooper, US, 6m46

BLOOD SHED // Dir. James Moran, UK, 13m18

CRESWICK // Dir. Natalie Erika James, Australia, 9m31

DON'T EVER CHANGE (UK PREMIERE) // Dir. Don Swaynos, US, 9m48

FEEDING TIME // Dir. Matt Mercer, US, 12m54

IN THE DARK, DARK WOODS (UK PREMIERE) // Dir. Jason Bognacki, US, 4m3

LIZ DRIVES // Dir. Mia'kate Russell, Australia, 8m

REAL ARTISTS // Dir. Cameo Wood, US, 12m

TEDDY BEARS PICNIC //Dir. Thomas Hodge, UK, 5m27

UNDRESS ME // Dir. Amelia Moses, Canada, 13m27


8.30PM PREY + Special Guest Dick Maas
Dir. Dick Maas, 2016 (NL) with Mark Frost & Sophie Van Winden

From the cult director of Amsterdamned and Saint, comes this ferociously funny tale of a man-eating lion terrorising Amsterdam and clawing its way through Dutch society. It's Jaws on paws! We're delighted to be joined by the filmmaker, composer and writer, Dick Maas.

"Exactly what it promises… Horror and comedy. Thrills…" Screen Anarchy

11PM SUSPIRIA (18) The CultFilms Tour of SUSPIRIA-4k

Dir. Dario Argento, 1977 (ITA) with Jessica Harper & Stefania Casini

Arriving to study ballet in Germany, Suzy Bannion witnesses someone fleeing from the school and, after their gruesome murder, uncovers the truly sinister secret behind the scenes. A remarkable, ground-breaking masterpiece of horror that demands being seen on the biggest screen possible. (Shown in 2k)

"Unique, surreal, hyper-intense." Empire

Dirs. Aaron McCann & Dominic Pearce, 2017 (AUS/JAP) with Toshi Okuzaki & Mayu Iwasaki

The twisted, tangled, bloody and seemingly true story behind a failed 90s Japanese samurai series and the cast of characters that witnessed the downfall. The Spinal Tap of Australian documentaries about obscure Japanese TV! Utterly hilarious, demented and tragic.

"100% hilarious." AB Film

Dir. Erlingur Thoroddsen, 2017 (ICE) with Björn Stefánsson & Sigurður Þór Óskarsson

After a midnight call from his ex-boyfriend, Gunnar finds himself travelling to a remote and isolated part of the country. As the two men try to save their relationship, someone lurking outside seems to be destroying it. A highly suspenseful and slow-burn thriller.

"Compelling... atmospheric and intriguing." The Hollywood Reporter

5PM ZEPPELIN V PTERODACTYLS – A live stage reading of a legendary lost Hammer production

With thanks to Hammer Films and CATH (Cinema and Television History) Research Centre at DeMontfort University.

A live stage reading of a legendary lost Hammer production, premiering at Broadway in this exclusive event! Mayhem presents an opportunity to imagine "what could have been" as adventurers find themselves trapped in a strange land somewhere in the arctic battling prehistoric monsters and something far stranger, in this epic sci-fi adventure that never was!

Dir. Joe Lynch, 2017 (US) with Steven Yeun & Samara Weaving

Trapped in the basement in an office tower block while a virus that causes people to lose their inhibitions takes effect above them, a disenfranchised couple know their only chance is to bloodily fight their way up the corporate ladder in an act of gory, over the top revenge.

"A real achievement: a blast of a movie, for every underdog." Hey U Guys

Dir. Peter Ricq, 2017 (CAN) with Lizzie Boys & Cameron Andres

Playing like a full-tilt The Goonies, but with extreme gore and zombies, this mash-up of family films and full-on fright flicks emerges as a stand-out cult film and astounding debut.

"Effective and adorable zombie movie… worth checking out – preferably with a crowd." Bloody-Disgusting

Please note all films will be introduced. All films have an advised certificate of 18 unless otherwise stated.

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